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We are a professional accounting firm and we do our job with enthusiasm and passion. In our team there are 9 – 11 regularly educated accountants, including 2 specialists on wages.

We offer an individual approach and service that perfectly meets the non-standard requirements of our clients: double-entry and simple accounting for businesses, accounting for non-profit organisations, accounting for self-employed farmers.

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Our very own accounting Owl Lucratia

6 reasons why work with us

A good accountant will add confidence to your decisions. Rely on us to entrust us with your double entry, simple accounting or wages.

Professional accountants

Professionals in their area, our accountants are constantly educated to work with the latest knowledge and to prepare you in time for relevant changes in legislation that may affect your accounting and business.
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100% substitutability

Thanks to a full-time team of the right size, we deliver all our outputs on time despite flu epidemics or snow calamities. In the case of your accountant’s illness, everything is handled in time by her colleagues.
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Accounting/business apps

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Consultations with experts

If the complexity of the case requires so, we will consult your case with experienced tax advisors with whom we have been working for years. Our team also provides advice in various expert advisory forums.
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Ready for changes

We inform our clients about laws and contexts that could be of interest to them or their use might prove advantageous for them. They are not general newsletters, but targeted useful information for a particular client.
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Instant overview

As our client you will be regularly informed about financial results, development of tax base and tax obligations. As a result, you will always have accurate information about the status of your business and compliance.
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Complex accounting services

Comprehensive accounting processing, documents for all tax returns, financial advisory services.
sluzby - uctovnictvo
sluzby - uctovnictvo


Organising, set up and optimising of your accounting. Double-entry bookkeeping, single entry bookkeeping, payroll and human resources, asset accounting, business trips, vehicle operation book and other accounting services for small and large businesses.
uctovnicke a ekonomicke sluzby - danove priznania
uctovnicke a ekonomicke sluzby - danove priznania

Tax returns

Preparation of all tax obligations of the client, continuous evaluation of the tax base, its optimisation within the valid legislation. Corporate income tax, personal income tax, value added tax, motor vehicle tax, real estate tax.
ostatne uctovne a ekonomicke sluzby
ostatne uctovne a ekonomicke sluzby

Other accounting services

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